Sunday, May 8, 2011

timing is everything

And so now the cells have stopped multiplying themselves erratically and are doing what they are supposed to do, each according to their own function: shelves up, most of the books on the shelves, lights on, counter delivered, cables plugged in.
It is now the beginning of the subtle and delicate phases: the art of displaying (hence the empty shelves you see) and the task of my gypsy friend says : I am in the process of fine-tuning the store.
Just like at the Opera house when, right before the start, the orchestra is creating that beautiful chaotic melange of fine-tuning sounds of the instruments, mixed with the last acceptable bursts of cough and aborted laughing shrieks of the audience, before the conductor comes in:
This category works better there, let's move it...oh wait, now I have to move this other category as well because it does no longer make sense here...
This process has been going on for a week now and If I did have an audience waiting at the door for me to be ready ,they would have started rioting by now.
The time to start the show is close, very close, but not quite there yet; the books and I are a bit impatient, but we know that in order to perform well, timing is everything.


  1. E allora su il sipario e musica Maestro! :-)

  2. Torno a trovarti, questo luogo è rinato bellissimo e io oggi cercavo un posto così, pieno di libri che mi riempissero la testa di storie, senza parlare, senza fare domande.
    Metti uno sgabello davanti allo scaffale della letteratura e lasciami cercare.
    Hai qualcosa di Kafka?
    Vorrei rileggere il Processo, la storia di Josef K. e la sua fine emblematica.
    “ Come un cane! “ disse, fu come se la vergogna dovesse sopravvivergli.
    Non chiedermi perché, ci sono frasi che si scolpiscono per sempre nella mente.
    Se ancora non ce l’ hai, cercalo. E’ un testo importante.
    Lo leggerò la prossima volta.
    Ancora una cosa.
    Ti voglio bene, nel vento di prima estate come mi mancano i tuoi abbracci fidati.