Monday, June 27, 2011

Demain, et . . .

Je suis tombe' aussi.

Je t'aime.

Demain, et . . .

Books carry gifts in them.
Sometimes a book can bring you the gift of wisdom, sometimes its story will change you forever and will always be part of who you become, sometimes it leaves you in the company of a character that you wish to meet one day, sometimes it can save you from lack of resources and make that coffee table work just fine.

And sometimes....

Sometimes, tucked in between the pages, quiet and patient, waiting to be found, you can find a love note, like this one: so succinct and yet so powerful.
The words are simple and exact in their simplicity and the punctuation is the work of a master in the way it frames the sentences and makes them definite and not arguable with the use of the period and it then stretches the reading rhythm with the comma and time dimension with the suspension points.
Please, don't let me get carried away with the speculation around who wrote it, male , female, why tomorrow and not today, in french therefore...we could write a whole book on it.

I also fell. ( to fall in love? I also fell for you? )

I love you.

Tomorrow, and . . .

Say no more. I am in love.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thank you Kiddos

This week Lamplight Books hosted its first "book reading" for children.
Fifteen extraordinarily well behaved five years old kids from a pre-school in north Seattle sat on a blanket, nose up and mouth open , listening to one of those children books even adults enjoy re-reading a thousand times.
The missing Piece Meets the Big O. By Shel Silverstein.
Usually the triangle missing piece ends up being interpreted with a high pitch tone ( I think you are the one I have been waiting for)while the Big O is obviously played by a baritone ( But I am not missing a piece ).
The lively aspect of reading this book to children is that the adult can really let his/her creativity run wild on a huge variety of noises to keep the attention going: the rolling, the bouncing, the flipping and the flopping are very "noise inspiring" themselves
Not to mention the pages that bear no text, then you can press play and have the soundtrack going ( see the scene where a pac-man like piece is bumping along a flowery field with the missing piece in its mouth, any mumbled song in the style of Chariots of Fire will do ).
The kids had a terrific time and the reader was left completely dehydrated and voiceless for the following hour but loved it nonetheless.

Last but not least, this year Lamplight Books was glad to be part of the initiative " Walk for Kids" ,as one of the sponsors , promoted and organized by The Pike Place Market Child Care and Preschool, that took place June 4th 2011.
Both the bookstore and the preschool hold dear at heart the concept of high standard education, whether that be in the form of self-education through books from a bookstore or with the help of great teachers that you remember for life at the preschool, it is a privilege and an honor to be part of such a caring community. Thank you Pike Place Market! And thank you Kiddos!

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