Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Onion and the Body- part two

It just occurred to me that it was exactly a year ago that I started Lamplight Books blog, beginning of April 2010.
the second post was promising a part two that I had never fulfilled and it was about the layers and the body of the store.
What a better timing than now to finally fulfill the promise?
Part two is about a body (or an onion )that goes through a complete and extreme makeover.
First of all, all the layers get peeled off so as to get to the the core of the matter:
What is this body made of? What does its heart look like? what kind of energy does this core emanates?
Once these key questions are asked, the stripping can begin because no matter how differently you re-arrange the layers, you will make sure to maintain that same center of gravity.
And so now, after the last batch of shelves was delivered by the Master Carpenter, the skeleton is assembled with its skull, collar bone, ribs, hips, and so on and so forth.
The muscles are next,(remember the muscles part is played by the books themselves), and as you can see, half of them are in their new homes,attached to the bones.
The skin will be the dress with which the body introduces itself to the public. You would think that the books should be assigned that part but I think that the first quick glance is always directed to the general look of the space, its style and its decorations, or lack of them.
Lamplight Books 's dress 's main feature are still them: the lamps and the old type-writer.
No more paintings or art on the walls, not only because all the wall space is now been taken up by bookshelves all the way to the ceiling, but also because, unless you have a real Picasso up, what can you possibly have that is worth drilling the wall for?
So, decoration is going to be minimalistic, and behind a see through dress, the muscles will dance their dance boldly so.


  1. from Gianduiotti

    Si presenta come una succosa cipolla di Tropea quella che vediamo fotografata, ricca e carnosa, tondeggiante e colorata.
    Con una particolarità unica.
    Che a sbucciarla non si piange.
    Di più, ad ogni strato che si andrà levando, riecheggeranno fra le pareti degli "ooh" di meraviglia, perché grandi sorprese riserverà ai curiosi avventori la mente fertile, il grande entusiasmo e un cuore generoso come quello della piccola libraia di Pike Place Market.

  2. hai visto che non ero io a bloccare i commenti Signor Gianduiotti????!!!!