Saturday, May 28, 2011

if wednesdays are waky fridays are freaky

Freaky friday saw the piles
elevate through the miles...
the piles of books are rising to heavenly heights, their towering looks make me feel like I am in a temple in Athens, praying to the Greek Gods that one of these days I will have all the books into their places and off the floor.

Friday was a very strange day, for a couple of reasons; first of all an old Texan man wearing his Texan accent and Texan hat, purchased an old beat up copy of "the joy of cooking" telling me that a long time ago he used to know the lady whose name was written inside.
Not only he managed to find the book, rummaging into the various sale boxes that were laying outside, but he was as surprised as me when I told him that the reason why I had that book was because my neighbor is that woman's grand son, who took me to her house to pick up her books.
The other interesting coincidence happened when a customer asked me where he could find a bookstore by the name of: "This is not your grand ma bookstore", in the vicinities.
To my baffled expression followed my negative reply:
not only I am not aware of such a bookstore being in the vicinities, but I have never heard of such a bookstore in town at all.
However for some obscure reason the name rung a bell that drove me crazy for a couple of hours, until I realized that the day before , while cleaning up some books and looking through the pages to see what kind of treasures I might find, I happened to find a bookmark slash business card of a bookstore named " this is not your grand ma bookstore", located somewhere in the States I cannot remember where.
Freaky Friday ah?

Quiz of the post:
what is the most frequent reason why people have to re-purchase a title?
A. the previous copy was water damaged
B. the previously owned copy was smeared with coffee stains and/or baby food stains and/or wine stains
C.The previous copy was chewed by a mouse and/or a cat and/or a giraffe
D. the previously owned copy was lent to somebody and never returned

the correct answer is D.
If you got it right you just won a groupon and/or coupon and/or advantage card to redeem at the store so that, if you are the one who never returned that copy of The catcher in the rye, it is now your chance to pretend you have never lost that copy and you've also read it and loved it,
and if you are the one that never got their college copy of David Copperfield back , you might find it at the store,with your name in it still.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

open sesame

Extra extra, read all about it!

Come in , look around , get lost in the dusty shelves , because now you can:

Lamplight Book is open for business.

The magic word has been said and....voila', the doors of the secret cave opened to lead you straight to the treasures....

Enjoy !

Sunday, May 8, 2011

timing is everything

And so now the cells have stopped multiplying themselves erratically and are doing what they are supposed to do, each according to their own function: shelves up, most of the books on the shelves, lights on, counter delivered, cables plugged in.
It is now the beginning of the subtle and delicate phases: the art of displaying (hence the empty shelves you see) and the task of my gypsy friend says : I am in the process of fine-tuning the store.
Just like at the Opera house when, right before the start, the orchestra is creating that beautiful chaotic melange of fine-tuning sounds of the instruments, mixed with the last acceptable bursts of cough and aborted laughing shrieks of the audience, before the conductor comes in:
This category works better there, let's move it...oh wait, now I have to move this other category as well because it does no longer make sense here...
This process has been going on for a week now and If I did have an audience waiting at the door for me to be ready ,they would have started rioting by now.
The time to start the show is close, very close, but not quite there yet; the books and I are a bit impatient, but we know that in order to perform well, timing is everything.