Wednesday, July 4, 2012

savage dawn

Excuse the blur but, even though it was not intentional, I decided to post the fuzzy image anyway since it is healthier not to see these covers too clearly.

However, the purpose of this picture is to introduce a breaking news which, in my view is cause for celebration:
not only amazon recently bought out avon romance ( or a similar publisher, I am not sure, one of those anyway) but also Dorchester publishing, to whom these covers belong to.
Everything is fine: the bad books to them in the e- form, and the good ones to us, still in paper, still real.
The expansion of the giant into the market of muscly grabs and frail looks, will give me nights of restful sleep, reassured by the fact that when you shoot for quantity and not quality we are not in the same business.

As a side note: I recommend you google translate Easy runner comment on the last post, it would be a loss not to have read it and I could promise you here that Id translate it to share it,but who knows when that would get posted!

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