Friday, March 30, 2012

while at work...

I stumbled on a sentence out of George Sand's book, Horace, while pricing it, because it was highlighted in yellow (sometimes I do make exceptions, especially when I simply buy without flipping through):

"But the sweetest of all human emotions,the one that is nourished by calamities and mistakes as well as by greatness and heroic acts, the one that spans every stage of life, that begins to develop in us from our very first sensation of being, and that endures as long as we do, the one that parallels and actually lengthens our life, that is reborn from its ashes and that reties itself as tightly and just as firmly after being broken; that emotion, alas! is not love, as you well know, but friendship"

Do you remember your very first friend? the one that you met when you were beginning to develop the sensation of being?

I do. I don't remember her name, but I remember being on a bridge that crosses over the river next to the house I grew up in and we were both crying because neither of us wanted to part to go home for dinner...but we were no older than three or four and that was only the beginning...


  1. for the record: her editor refused to publish the book....another complicated birth

  2. Ti rammenta niente il nome di Enzino il biondino?
    Non pretendere l’identikit del tuo amichetto, non dalla memoria mia, saccheggiata da ondate barbariche di assedianti i corpi mammillari.
    Però ricordo come fosse oggi che andavo dicendo:

    “ Quel biondino va tenuto d’occhio”.

    Ed eri solo di tre o quattro anni, e non era che l’inizio…

    p.s.- metti la cuccumella sul gas e prepara la tazzulella, domani per pranzo sono lì :)

  3. Dopo l'esperienza dei giorni passati, le corse pazze intorno alla fontana musicale dello Space Needle, i picnic sulle spiagge dell'Oregon, il tragitto in monorotaia e il metro abbondante di perline colorate infilate nella collanina, pensi che possa aspirare a diventare temporaneamente il loro migliore amico?
    E' un titolo che, accanto a quelli di grandfather e uncle ( versione estiva da spiaggia ) non mi dispiacerebbe, ove vacante ancora, ricoprire :))