Sunday, January 2, 2011

a fresh start, starts with empty

This is what four hands, four arms and four legs can do in four days of work.
This year's proposition is to make sure this space gets filled with great books again before spring puts greenish buds on the trees and birds build nests on those trees.
Emptiness is definitely a fresh start and all the possibilities can be explored.
It turned out that the early morning rise to move a grand total of 274 boxes of books , happened on the last day of 2010 and not on the first day of the new year as previously scheduled, and the books will be sleeping sweet dreams in a controlled heating system storage with private rooms and lockers and not in a warehouse in Sodo , as previously arranged. So not only the New Year's Eve party was saved but the books are located in a five stars hotel with room service and jacuzzi as opposed to the dorms of a hostel.
The Gods were watching over Lamplight Books that day.


  1. wow! good for those books :) kinda bittersweet to see the shop empty...because it'll never be the same but then again, i like change so i'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the new arrangement :) happy new year! hope you get some break too!

  2. Happy New Year to you too Mango Power Girl! I like your pics.
    It was bittersweet for me too cause the old shop represented a lot of good things, but watch me, you will like the new Lamplight Books, change can open the doors to that a word?

  3. Hai scritto bene.
    Il vuoto è sicuramente un nuovo inizio e la possibilità di esplorare nuovi sentieri.
    Cosa che da piccola, specialmente quando il percorso iniziava a salire, accoglievi con somme proteste e lamenti.
    L’unica benzina che ti spingeva a proseguire erano le fiabe che ti raccontavamo con il fiato corto.
    A qualcosa tutto ciò è servito e so che ne farai tesoro nei confronti dei tuoi piccoli.
    Ora che porti sulle spalle uno zaino dieci volte più pesante, scali montagne anche più ripide senza perdere il sorriso.
    Ora che la fantasia ti è utile per progettare nuovi spazi, ne possiedi vastissime riserve.

    Buon Anno e buona fortuna, non smettere di raccontare fiabe.