Monday, April 12, 2010

the body and the onion- part one-

the word that connects these two images is "layers", and I like to think that everything is made of layers, like the body, like an onion, and the more you dig through, the more you get closer to the core. So it is with this metaphor that I will approach the digging into the body of the bookstore.
Like the outer skin of an onion and the skin and muscles of our body, Lamplight first layer consists of bookshelves, hand made one by one by a carpenter that once described himself as the happy carpenter who builds and works with wood like Mozart worked with the notes on a sheet of music, and if you are even only a little bit familiar with Mozart's combinations of notes, you can let your imagination run wild on the potential of his home furniture.
Those bookshelves that I found myself caressing with sand-paper and then coating with another layer of some clear paste product meant to protect them,on the first few days of the store's life, are the bare skin of its body and the bearers of the muscle system : the books. Hand-picked books, one by one, the chosen ones among many, individually spotted and transported into their new home, singled out and selected to be the strong muscles that will sustain the body and make it work.
since i'm talking about layers and beginnings, i will unveil the title of the very first book that was sold on that very beginning, the one that gave me the first dollar I should have symbolically put up on the wall and still have displayed and never did:
or maybe I should let you take a couple of guesses and answer in "the body and the onion-part two". Yes, that's what I'll do. a little hint: it was july 2003, what was popular then?


  1. Hmmm... must be Harry Potter.
    Or, The Da Vinci Code.

    Which is much the same, indeed.

  2. Harry Potter indeed! very good, you won, congratulations and thank you for joining me in this new adventure...